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Eti Form is a digestive light biscuit and snacks brand that supports healthier food choices.



The difficult aspect of being on a diet is consistency and dedication. Based on our focus group research, people tend to quit dieting if they do not follow their strict diet plan.

They feel guilty and overwhelmed if they cannot reach their daily or weekly targets. Therefore, they stop striving and fail their diet.

However, there should be room for tasty treats in a diet since it is not a sprint but a marathon. Besides, being on a diet is usually a boring and lonely process.


The insight we gained from the consumers led us to adopt an alternative approach. We wanted to give a sense of comfort to the user and let them forget the guilt of overeating. We aimed to encourage them to keep going by saying it is ok to lose self-control occasionally and there are fun ways to make up for it.

To help consumers in their efforts,  we developed a microsite and Facebook application called I go off my diet. The users logged in and entered what they had eaten that day and how big their portions were. Based on the information they provided they got fun tips to compensate if they overate and went off their diet.

There were recommendations for more than 200 meals and desserts, and all were segregated according to calorie ranges. Throughout the website, the copy was short and witty to motivate users and allow them to enjoy the process and experience.


One of the key components in succeeding on a diet is keeping a diet and exercise journal. It could be beneficial to understand your eating habits and improve your diet by making healthier choices.

However, writing down everything you eat and noting all the exercises you do throughout the day might be harder and more time-consuming than it seems.  



Our purpose was to make it easier for the consumer to keep track of everything online. We aimed to motivate them in their weight-loss journey and provide visual data on their progress. 

Form Track was a food and exercise journal app developed for mobile and Facebook.  Users kept track of their daily, weekly, and monthly diet routine and exercise progress. The app provided tips and motivation according to the user’s performance. It also reminded them to drink water and move around. Users earned fun badges and posted their achievements on Facebook. The frequent users won gift boxes from the brand.

Aligned with the purpose of the app, the text copy focused on benefits and achievements. A motivational language was used, and users were encouraged to share their ‘small winnings’ with friends.  

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